Biennale Sydney Photos

Here are some shots from the Biennale. I visited 3 locations – Cockatoo Island, Art Gallery of New South Wales and Museum of Contemporary Art.

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4 thoughts on “Biennale Sydney Photos

  1. Great shots. I find I want to know more about it. One question I have is: were there any paintings? another one is: who made those colourful plastic sculptures and what are those things they are made of?

  2. Hi Andy
    They were done by a Chinese artist Li Hongbo titled “Ocean of Flowers”. They were made from coloured paper and deceivingly hardy. It was amazing and they arrived in huge timber containers as seen in one of the photos. They were assembled on site by teams of volunteers. Unfortunately not many paintings at all -tragic. The one painter that I really love was included Dorothy Napangardi -an aboriginal artist and I am lucky to have one of her works from a long time ago. Another I really loved was Liang Quan. Lots and lots of photography and the incredible works by Chinese artists seem to be paving the way for us all.

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