Don’t Cry Over Spilt Paint











I knew going to Wollongong City Gallery for the Ron Lambert talk was a mistake but I just can’t help myself. I had to do it. I never knew Ron Lambert – he was a local legend – the abstractionist that influenced the region. He influenced my teacher and in turn me. So off I went to hear Louise Brand and other artists talk about what a huge figure he was. I knew that anyway- I knew Ron Lambert when I saw his first painting over 10 years ago and fell in love with him. This was the fourth time I’d been in this room with his works up close.

Just being around huge oily abstract works is enough to set me off but it was all too much when my good painting pal said – “You should be painting Sue”. I know I need to paint, she knows I need to paint, hell, even Ron Lambert knows and he is dead.

Untitled Lenz from Charles Nordrum Gallery 1977

Instead I blog and moan. I visit galleries, festivals and chit chat with artists. None of it’s working. I want a dirty big canvas, buckets of oil paint and a bottle of good red. Maybe that’s around the wrong way- buckets of good red, dirty oil paint and a canvas bottle.


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