Green Cows and Gorillas








This painting reared it’s horned head recently. It’s titled Green Cow on 3 Hills. To me, that’s exactly what it is. To others maybe it’s a mess or a field of green locomotives driven by Jesus.  I have had conversations with viewers about what they see. Like most abstract artists your point of initial contact is embedded firmly in reality but becomes a departure. I don’t really mind what people see in my paintings but the title reminded me of another painting I had done.


This painting was done years apart from the other but the person who has it thought it looked a little like a cow’s backside. It does. And freakishly a green cow.  It is in fact shapes from heavy machinery on Cockatoo Island.








Here’s another. Based on rocks and once again plain as day to me. This was my absolute favourite painting of all time – the one I had felt was a measure against all others. It felt right. I was so pleased with this one that I indeed hung it in my home (for quite a while) until…someone saw a gorilla. And freakishly a green gorilla.




Am I accidentally painting green animals?



8 thoughts on “Green Cows and Gorillas

    • Thanks Syd. I think I’m on a very slow roll with this one. Although I do remember saying to someone in painting class “Green, I don’t use green in my paintings!” it was then that I realised I have a problem.

  1. Its all clear to me. 1st painting green elephant drinking from dam, 2nd painting white gull behind green cow, 3rd painting green crab attacking white crow or visa versa. All 3 works are great. Just wished that I had purchased the rock one years ago.

    • Hi Meagan!
      How great to “see” you. I’m afraid I won’t sell the Bundanon Rock ones. I think a combination of sentimentality and fear of not being able to work that well again. Who knows maybe I will get past it down the track.Cheers Sue

  2. Your paintings remind me of the Cornish painter, Peter Lanyon. I lke the softer, muted colours of the last painting, based on rocks. I also like the limited palette of the middle painting of machinery. Good luck and happy blogging : ) }

  3. I love all three of them, and personally, can’t see green animals. I’ve had similar experiences with my monoprints, in that a viewer will tell me they see a fish tail, a witches head, or a sailboat, after which I can’t not see those things. I don’t mind it, however, because they are abstract and open to interpretation, and at least the viewer is making some connection with the work. Don’t take it to hard. Your paintings are fabulous.

    • Hi Drew, no.. I’m not worried at all, I think it’s funny. I was peeved at the gorilla one because now I can’t unsee it and it has changed the whole work for me. Maybe I’ll try painting a gorilla and it might look like a rock!. Cheers

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