unDisclosed to Me

In the last indigenous triennial Danie Mellor greeted me with 3 mosaic kangaroos titled Red White and Blue. Behind them a leafless tree of stuffed budgies. The images stuck in my mind and it was with that excitement and remembering Jan Billy Can that I went to see this years National Indigenous triennial: unDisclosed.

I had come from the Eugene Von Guerard exhibition on at the same time – a colonial painter. I love Von Guerard’s work but the indigenous works were all the more potent afterwards. Danie Mellor this time around had produced large paintings laden with symbolism.




The work of Michael Cook was a series of photos that gently led you into a world of Broken Dreams. Like Danie Mellor there is a gentle beauty about the work whilst delivering the message.

I found that I was drawn to the work of Lindsay Harris Rocks with Blood and the work of indigenous sculptor, Bob Burruwul. Maybe it’s the stories connected to the pole-like men and the Wurum fishing spirit.

They were the works that left their mark on me this time round . 





In place of Jan Billy Can whose work 3 years ago had left me gob-smacked, I saw Sally Gabori. I love her large coloured canvases but somehow the NGA had given them the ample room that I had not seen before. They need space.

Three years ago it was about colour for me, this time it was about space.




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