The Banksia from Boonerah Point

Yesterday I set up my paint box in the effort to paint something constructive toward the Lake Series. What I ended up with was a small banksia painting. 

There was a mass of cormorants on the edge of the lake – black shapes against the ochre of the bank and blue.  Perfect. I sketched for a while, took down some notes on the form of the birds- especially those airing their wings. They flew off in a round-about way when disturbed by a couple of lakeshore dogs. It was quiet and no-one else about, just one guy practising his reel casting technique in the park.  I guess he was a self-conscious of his habit as I am in mine.

I sat at the picnic table in the sun and the view was through the barbecue shelter toward the industrial north. Great shapes. I painted till I felt I was fiddling without giving anything more to what I was doing.

I loaded the car and was about to hop in when I was distracted by the banksia tree I was in front of, I decided to grab a bit to take back home and paint or sketch.

A great afternoon of bits and pieces, banksia, cormorants, lake and pink gouache.


10 thoughts on “The Banksia from Boonerah Point

  1. I lived in that area during the 1980s and drove past your vantage point each day on the way to the steelworks.
    My parents still live on the other side of the lake.

    • It’s a great spot. I grew up there, moved away for a long time and now back again so I see it with new eyes. The lake has never looked so good.
      Cheers Sue

  2. I’m new to your blog and have started at W. Windang. We would stay at Bulli and Sandon Point many times, and Lake Windang is familiar. It’s an artists delight and your works are beautiful. Thank you for the reminder; I need to visit soon.

    • Thanks Carla, it was a beautiful winters day. Sometimes it all just clicks. Love your joint blogs from France. My daughter is on her way soon, we are learning French together. Au revoir, mon ami. Sue

      • oh great you have someone to practice with !!!!
        Au revoir mon amie Carla
        The french do appreciate it when you try to speak their language and it’s fun!

  3. I see you grab bits of trees and things to take home. Me to like seaweed down my bathing suit, rocks, flowers, just about anythingI can get away with. Happy Holidays

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