Goldilocks and the Bungendore Bears

The Bungendore Bears series of works have been given a new lease of life. I found a whole folder of work that I had forgotten about. My hopeless memory means I sometimes surprise myself. In amongst sketches and paper (nice blank stuff  YAY!) I found a heap of notes about the Bungendore bears along with some sketches.

I had just bought some new boards so it meant I could take them for a spin with some paint. What a coincidence….some of the works in the folder were from my last trip down that way and I am getting ready to go again this month for another painting jaunt and to coincide with the Abstract Expressionism Exhibition at the NGA.

I did 3 small works based on what I had from my recent find. I can feel there is more to come.

I have blogged about the bears quite a few times. Here, here and here. Once again strange coincidences – I had prepared this blog before the sad news of Robert Hughes’ death. He has a weird connection to porridge for me (read my previous post) and once again I find today I am blogging about porridge and three bears. I have been called Goldilocks when I was younger and my hair much lighter. Perhaps it’s time to revert to blonde.



2 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the Bungendore Bears

  1. I love the synchronicity … I’m watching ABC while reading this and there’s a interview of Robert Hughes with almost golden locks. Robert Hughes and the three bears …

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