It’s All About the Drying Time

Today I was late for an appointment. This never used to happen to me but lately I realised it is out of my control. Paul Higgs, whose work I greatly admire, was talking about Ron Lambert when he said it was “all about the drying time with Ron”.

Sometimes you get paint when it’s almost at that dry stage but not quite and you push it with a brush and wow! It’s that half drag, tacky mark that sends you off. 

So back to the appointment, do I sacrifice punctuality for the promise of a work? Why are other people late when they are not painters?

Todays effort was inspired by one of the most unattractive trees – (well… dead stick) I’ve ever seen on my walk around the lake. Someone had hung an old blue dummy on it, then another, then another bit of crap and an empty Fisherman’s Friend packet.

So what excuse did I come up with for being late -“sorry, I was painting a dead stick with an old blue dummy on it and it was at that tacky stage I really like.” No – I used the old favourite “sorry, traffic” and hope they didn’t notice the streak of paynes grey that extended from my elbow to the wrist.

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