A Surreal Experience in Abstraction

Canberra is a funny place at the best of times. Surreal I would say.
Driving in yesterday to prepare for the symposium on Abstract Expressionists I pulled into the traffic behind a smick minimalist Lexus with HAWKE as the number plate.
Bob HAWKE, former Prime Minister was a beer drinking Labour legend- Pollock would have liked him in his early days.
I think the abstract expressionists would have been more at home in Sydney, it’s about the space.
Maybe Canberra is hard edge abstraction- clean lines, crisp edges. Today there is a cold crispness to the light against concrete edges here.
Today I will be lost amongst the abstract expressionists at the National Gallery. At last.



9 thoughts on “A Surreal Experience in Abstraction

  1. A few months ago Portland Art Museum had it’s first exhibition devoted to hometown boy Mark Rothko. I’ve never felt so insignificant as when I stood in front of some of his work. It was fantastic. How was it for you?

    • Oh Drew, I could only imagine. I teared up over some of these works. They are so amazing in the flesh. Emotions run high. There was a Rothko expert on hand today. I think my next art trip has to be Texas. Cheers

    • I’m guessing it was him Syd. Maybe just a fanatic. I would think he has enough bravado to flaunt a number plate like this but maybe it was Blanche or a crazy Canberran bird watcher. Cheers

  2. I saw the exhibition last week and loved it. I’ll definitely go back again before it winds up in January.
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend any of the events being held this weekend.

    Highlights for me? My first sight of a DeKooning Woman and seeing some more Ian Fairweathers.

    Also it was good to see the minimalist collection removed to make room for PAINTED canvases. Large, mostly blank canvases aren’t my personal idea of art.

    • A great collection- I love De Kooning but I have to say Philip Guston and Peter Upward stole the limelight for me today. Maybe tomorrow will be different. I’m fickle. Cheers Sue

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