Art Nestled in Silence

All doubts left when I wandered into this exhibition. I felt a sense of belonging, I was with my people, my painters.  I was intimidated, thinking maybe I didn’t belong, that the discussions were above my level of understanding. I could feel the PhD’s in the room like a blast of heat from the urn at morning registration.

I took my seat in the symposium Fairfax Theatre, took out my little sketch book for the odd notes and when Richard Shiff began, my insecurities melted like a De Kooning woman.

As the bulk of people meandered to the grazing room for lunch, I took the opportunity to seek out my De Kooning (Woman V) only to find the room had been transformed into the Abstract Expressionism Exhibition and I was there alone.  I was drawn to the end room to find a huge tonal Guston and a work by Peter Upward that left me gobsmacked.

I can’t begin to think how this will inform my work, whether the words of Dr Michael Hill or the analogy of Rothko and the Great Barrier Reef from Michael Leja will impact or whether it’s the unsaid hanging on the walls. As Richard Shiff said – art nestled in silence.


7 thoughts on “Art Nestled in Silence

  1. Sue I’m not sure how you feel about awards but I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I just want others to see your blog. It speaks to me. Others may want to read it too. Carla

    • Carla, you’re gorgeous. I’m away on a painting trip at the moment so when I get back I’ll tackle the Lovelies. I’m very humbled thank you. My blog began as an avenue for people to see my work but quickly became a sketchbook full of rants and scribbles. I’m so impressed when I see someone comment or like me and can’t believe that anybody would follow someone so clearly self indulgent- still I see that little orange glow from the top right hand side and it warms me. Back soon. Cheers Sue

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