20,000 Dips of my Brush

Just as I was preparing to write this blog, my stats showed I was 2 views short of 20,000 so I guess that after I publish this someone will be that magical viewing number. I won’t know who you are or where you are from but it feels as though alarm bells should ring, steamers descend around your laptop and I am there with a huge bunch of flowers. None of that is likely to happen but rest assured you have my thanks for bothering to notice what I do.

During the Abstract Expressionist Symposium at the National Gallery of Australia I had a special moment where I was alone with a wonderful work, studying the mark when a tall elegant lady approached -she was the artists sister. Later she caught up with me again and thanked me for liking her brother’s work. I was grateful for his legacy and she was grateful to know that he continued to inspire.

So maybe it’s you who are the 20,000th and you just may have stumbled accidentally across this blog and like abstract work but I’m even more grateful for an avenue to share it.

If you’re on old follower from way back thanks for the support and I owe you a work. Cheers


11 thoughts on “20,000 Dips of my Brush

  1. Hi Sue – I reckon I’m, 19,999! Congrats on the 20,000 – pretty amazing to consider, isn’t it?

    The images of Peter Upward’s work are wonderful – the top one, in particular, speaks to me.

    • Consider this reply a bunch of flowers! Thanks Syd. It is amazing. I think my blog may have confused -these works are mine I did whilst painting last week. Peter Upward’s work is TRULY amazing I have put a link into the image at NGA. I was very lucky to meet his sister. Right place, right time, right painting. Cheers

  2. Hi Carla, the size I do varies. The first and third are about A3 size. The second square one is about 10″x10″ and the last one smaller again. Most of these were done on site so more contained. All gouache. I did do very small ones that will translate to larger works in oil ( 40″ x 40″ usually) but I’m really pressed space wise at the moment so until the studio situation is solved I’m working smaller. I got a lot from this trip colourwise. I’ll post some more work soon. Cheers Sue

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