Pink Rocks and Green Ponds

The painting trip to Braidwood fed the painting habit a little more. Rosalie Gascoigne said that she was “visually hungry” and reading an article on David Hockney he got excited about drops in puddles.

I love colour – it’s what the landscape feeds me. For the past 3 years I have had this screen saver from a photo I took down there. It was the colour of this stagnant pond that drew me back. 




From this trip it was the colour of the rocks – that dull fleshy pink. I did some small gouache works and know that these will in turn feed larger works and that from those initial colours, more colours develop.


10 thoughts on “Pink Rocks and Green Ponds

    • Hi Carla, blue is my nemesis. I struggle to use it freely, it’s just not me. I forced myself once to use only blue and ended up going thru the canvas with a palette knife in absolute frustration. This is a big problem seeing I’m only meters away from the lake- the basis of my next big series of works. Thanks for being a fan. Cheers Sue

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