Putting Peart Away

“Spacious,spaceless and painter of edged edges”*

Putting books away is a never-ending task for me. I seem to have a stack accumulated beside me, or stacked on a stool or in one of those canvas non-plastic bags. It gets to the point where I have to put them away and do the shelf shuffle to find room.  The problem is I flick before I file. That means I suddenly come across something I hadn’t noticed before so I have a little read and put it aside and so that vicious paper cycle continues.

Last night it was John Peart Paintings 1964-2004. I read it when I bought it but of course flicking at different points in time reveal new associations. My recent trip to the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia left me thoroughly soaked in Australian abstraction.

This small book contains some of Australia’s best abstractionists commenting on John Peart’s work. Elisabeth Cummings, Aida Tomescu, Euan MacLeod, Robert Hirschmann, Ildiko Kovacs, John Bartley and the list goes on and so many that I have blogged about before. It made me hungry for an exhibition of Australian works.  I got a recent taste of Tony Tuckson and Peter Upward in Canberra.

I feel the need to compile a list of those that I would include in my ultimate abstracted exhibition but that would mean more books piling up and once again it will eventuate in a casual flick before putting them away, a bit of a blog and I’m back where I started from….

*quote by WHAT – I don’t know who What is but a wonderful quote.

All images from John Peart Paintings 1964-2004 – the book I haven’t put away yet.


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