This blog was to be a Favourite From My Bookshelf. It soon turned out to be more than that.  The next book on the shelf was titled Dioramas-A Visual History of The Phillipines. The book was produced by the Ayala Museum in 1978 and as I flicked looking for an image to share, I realised it wasn’t difficult because I loved them all.

But there in the back of mind was an article had been reading recently on the future of museums in the digital age. Then I realised maybe dioramas will become a thing of the past. Damn. I love dioramas, they make me want to be an artist.

This picture was from my trip to New York at the Museum of Natural History. This man was propped on a stool drawing coyotes. I imagined me propped inside the case painting the background.  I used to imagine when I was a little girl and my dad would take me to the museum in College Street Sydney, that I would have to lay on my tummy to paint inside the small windows before they put in the glass. It wasn’t just the painting either, it was the scumbling over tufty grasses and sculpting hills and caves and little peoples from all over the world.

I decided rather than share more from the history of the Phillipines, some of the photos I took on that trip to NYC.

9 thoughts on “Dying-O-Ramas

  1. I love dioramas. We have some really great ones over here at the California Academy of Sciences. Do you remember making them out of shoe boxes when you were a kid? I remember getting lost in those little worlds for hours.

      • Ha!! Perfect! Give it a try. Make your own crazy little world. I used to like using sticks and leaves – pretty outdoor stuff.

  2. I loved looking through the little holes of pastel easter eggs – a whole magical world was in there.My friend made miniature house – everything to scale not exactly the same thing but you triggered memories.

  3. Me too, I really hope not Bela, if you click on the link in the reply above here by NY Times it will take you to a wonderful diorama drama. Definitely worth a look. Cheers Sue

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