Art Clinging to the Edge

Quite some time ago I read a book Edge of the Sacred by Dr David Tacey on the Australian identity. How we all cling to the edge but our hearts yearn for a connection to the centre, the desert.


Not this weekend. It was Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi 2012 and the Central Desert seemed a world away.

Ironically the first work approaching from Bondi Beach was a collaborative Aboriginal work   – a giant crocodile constructed from ghost nets and it seemed to set the tone for this year which hosted a menagerie of assorted creatures.  The same collective Ghostnets Australia, also produced the white dog.

Rod McRae’s The Tent of Wonders delivered a message of our treatment of the planet poignantly displayed, carnival-like for our amusement and terror.


The sculpture interspersed with pets, joggers, children and art critics ( the photo below in no way suggests this is an art critic) also attracted the wildlife and crows protested themselves over the placement of foreign shapes in their world. The immensity of the works were quickly dismissed by a sudden spout and a flick of a massive white  flipper of a whale just a hundred or so meters away. A mother and baby danced around the headland and left heading south like us to Tamarama Beach.  Not far from that spot away from the sculptures was another artwork, a giant carved whale (or maybe shark) etched into the stone by the original owners of this land on the edge of the cliff. No marker or attention drawn in order to keep the sanctity of the work and this site protected.


A reminder of our place in the world, clinging to the edge.




5 thoughts on “Art Clinging to the Edge

  1. Fantastic crocodile. Many hours of work. I like his paws? they look like they have those fingerless knitted mittens on them. I like the long shot. It is interesting to see how the people intermingled with the sculpture – lucky people. Nice to have someone like you taking these sculptures out into the world.

    • Thanks Carla. I just love this yearly event. It is a stunning walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach along the coastline. Not only that but whales, sculpture and its free. I’ve been going for the last 10 years. I definitely have more blogs about this event. Last year when I blogged about it I had two of the artists contact which was lovely. Cheers Sue

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