The Dogs of Bondi

Brett Whilteley drew 15 great dog pisses of Paris.  Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi had the tell-tale mark at the base of the odd sculpture.

For me, it’s part of it. The furry critics decide the fate.  Each year I photograph dogs at the event. The dogs of Bondi are unique – there are the walked variety and the loose variety. Both have their merits.

I think I see them a bit like the Dog Children of San Francisco, maybe drawings, maybe a series, maybe not.

Either way I like the fit between dog, sculpture and owner, it’s just another aspect of the event that makes it unique.


5 thoughts on “The Dogs of Bondi

  1. I always see a resemblance between dog and owner! My dogs have been a cocker spaniel, an unclipped poodle, a German shepherd and golden retrievers. wonder what I look like ?and a grand dog Weimaraner

    • Me too, I have also had a cocker spaniel, cross St Bernard/Ridgeback, border collie and now a Jack Russell – I’m pretty much a mix of all those I think. I’ve also had a blu tongue lizard don’t know where that fits in!

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