Art Sux

This is my pencil-case. Art Sux. Well it does. Saturday was sunny, a day off and what did I do? Back to see an exhibition I had already seen, what 3 times? Blogged about before….I don’t know what I expect, for it to rub off on me? make me brilliant? more informed? more intelligent?

Then after swearing “no more art, enough!”. I come up with another concept. Maybe I can collect every map of every gallery I go to and eventually make an artwork from that. So now I have a folder and have scanned the images and have then collaged them into a book.  As if I don’t have enough to do.

So after spending a sunny afternoon inside the same exhibition, did I waste yet another day on art? Sure of course. It was a wonderful waste of a day and this time I mapped a plan of the exhibition so I can recreate it and relive it til I see it again and waste even more time.


7 thoughts on “Art Sux

  1. It sounds like a productive weekend to me ! Whilst I’m not really into conceptual art – ideas fuel our practical work and without a purpose (says the graphic designer in me) it can be very shallow – so keep on experimenting – the practical work will be all the more exciting and the results will be well informed ! Stop beating yourself up . . . it sounds like the start of a very interesting project. : ) }

    • Thanks Chris, I might sound like I’m punishing myself but its because its a guilty pleasure and a five hour round trip. I know…’s all about the journey. Cheers Sue

  2. You’re not alone in finding that one exhibit that inspires many more visits. I remember the same thing happening to me when a huge Chagall exhibit was in town; I must have seen it three times and saw new pieces, it seemed, ea. subsequent visit. Loved your post, Sue!

    • Thanks, you’re right…each time you take something else from it. Amazingly enough all these works are in the NGA collection but we just don’t get to see them all the time together like this. Chagall! I couldn’t imagine that would ever happen here…but who knows. Cheers

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