Rimbaud and Marcel Set Adrift

I love reading poetry but not to others. I love the words but have only ever read a poem aloud to an audience once and it was truly horrible – not the poem, me.  When I see someone so passionate about poetry and being able to perform, it’s special. I received news Marcel had died recently and was sent this link of his performance of  Rimbaud’s The Drunken Boat, with images of works by local artists and friends rollicking around on his words. It reminded me of my Dad – who would stand and deliver, recite with passion.

I decided to share Marcel’s passion with you. “A man who can reach down stars and pick up mountains” A quote about Marcel by Barbara Blackman in a letter to Judith Wright.


7 thoughts on “Rimbaud and Marcel Set Adrift

  1. Loved the vimeo link to the performance. I could actually understand quite a bit of it.(When he wasn’t being too emotive!) I once did a performance of Jabberwocky at a work Xmas party. I was terrified but had fun doing it. I rehearsed and rehearsed to get it right. They said I did a good job …

  2. I had the privelage of watching Marcel perform this poem 3 times in different venues since he conceived the idea. Each one just as enthralling and passionate. It is amazing to think the poem was written by Rimbaud when he was only 17 years old (young!).

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