Almost The End of the Y

Experience in the Far West Stanislaus RapotecA few nights ago I went to Jackson Pollock’s and Morris Louis’ birthday party – 100 years celebration at the NGA where they transformed the sculpture garden restaurant into the Cedar Tavern for an event named “New York State of Mind”.

Before the drinks we had a talk by the curators about the exhibition but because of time they left this room out. I have blogged about the previous rooms and this is the last, the Orde Poynton Gallery.

Matter Painting Ralph BalsonA gallery named after a man who had never been to the National Gallery in Canberra but a generous benefactor who enabled us to stand in this space and marvel at the works on the walls.  Orde Poynton was held prisoner of war in Singapore and I think he would have felt a connection with the Ian Fairweather’ calligraphic abstractions that were the result of his prisoner of war experiences in the first world war.

House by the Sea Ian FairweatherDuring the talk the curator referred to this gallery as the end of the “Y” referring to the shape of the overall exhibition.  This is almost the last area of the Abstract Expressionism exhibition and it is an amazing collective of abstract artists.  Caryatid Michael Taylor

There is however one work missing from this area that is not listed here and that is a painting by Tony Tuckson #81 that was not listed on the NGA website.  Just another 2 rooms to go. Stay tuned.

Reclining Figure 1935 Hans HofmannUNTITLED 1935 Hans HofmannUntitled 1943 Hans Hofmann
Nude Study from Life Lee Krasner

Nude Study from Life 1939 Lee KrasnerUntitled IX 1983 Willem De Kooning


7 thoughts on “Almost The End of the Y

  1. Thanks Katharine, im trying to list whats in each room. That is by Stanislaus Rapotec – a great painter, influenced a lot of Australian abstractionists. I love this room but left out my fave for the next blog Phillip Guston.

    • That’s what I love about blogging, seeing art a world away. We have so little compared to the U.S but this exhibition and symosium has been wonderful. Cheers Sue

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