Full Stop Upward

Peter Upward June CelebrationAt the very end – the full stop is Peter Upward – a large slash of calligraphic crusty paint in June Celebration. Jon Schueler The First DayThis work left me gob smacked at the symposium on Abstract Expressionism at the National Gallery of Australia.  Seeing it for the umpteenth time hasn’t dulled the feeling when standing before it.

This room, the last leg of the exhibition includes some important Australian abstractionist in Tony Tuckson, Ian Fairweather and Ralph Balson. The works will be the first to come down as the exhibition moves into the last throes.  This end of the gallery has had a range of amazing exhibitions and despite feeling tucked away there is a feeling of intimacy with the works.  I remember being down here with the Helen Frankenthaler woodblocks in Against the Grain and the Andy Warhol screen prints. Now I will remember being down there  with Peter Upwards sister standing before June Celebration. The facing wall of works include Grace Hartigan and Franz Kline so will form the next post.

Ian Fairweather Shalimar

Tony Tuckson WateryRalph Balson Matter PaintingNatvar Bhasvar 1Natvar Bhasvar Sha-Dha


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