My Little Bella Book

Autumn sun“Drawing is a very important way of thinking without words”…………… Antony Gormley

351 1 1It’s turning colder and there is nothing like autumn sun streaming through the window to warm the bones and that means my life model stays still for longer.  At times she lays on her back, stretched out and her belly turns a soft pink.

4 Every now and then during a drawing session she will fall into a deep sleep and I can see her twitch in her dreams.  It’s when this happens that I know I can grab my little orange book especially for these moments. I use my favourite Lyra colour-giant brown pencil.  bella2There are other times I draw her and use pens or whatever is handy but I like this little ritual.

I also like that the end of the pencil is a little chewed from leaving it behind.



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