The Painted Puss: An Art Quiz

Jeff KoonsI’m totally a dog person but that’s not to say I dislike cats, I love them too but the people I have lived with in the past were cat-haters. In my art quiz “Musicians like dogs and writers like cats“, it was all about the dogs so this time it’s a cat quiz inspired by Flavorwire.

Why not test your cat-love in this quiz on famous artists and their cats, you can even try the dog quiz. I’ll tally the results in this cat vs dog and let you know the outcome. Just to let you know -I don’t see individual results so don’t be ashamed if you secretly turn out to be a cat-lover while flaunting your pup. Good luck and I’ll post the answers next month. If you can’t wait that long let me know.

Click here to have a go:  The Painted Puss


3 thoughts on “The Painted Puss: An Art Quiz

    • Great stuff! I will post the answers next week. Have you tried the other quizzes? Check them out in categories Art Quizzes. They’re just a bit of fun. Thanks for playing. Cheers Sue

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