Velasquez and I Cook Eggs

IMG_3214Inspiration comes in packages of all shapes, sizes and compositions.  Recently I was gobsmacked by Velasquez Old Woman Cooking Eggs. There was a dynamism in the figures and objects and how they related to each other both in colour and shape.  As a result a new series of small works in gouache provided impetus for bigger and better things.  The serendipity of reading John Olsen’s biography whilst working on the series, also laid another level.

The egg, a symbol of hope and regeneration that he saw in Velasquez, carried into his work and as a result into mine. I could see a jelly-fish-like symbol in the slithery par-cooked egg whites that could transfer into compositions for my boatshed works.


Velasquez: Old Woman Cooking Eggs.

Velasquez: Old Woman Cooking Eggs.

IMG_3201IMG_3213 IMG_3210


9 thoughts on “Velasquez and I Cook Eggs

  1. Love these paintings! It never ceased to amaze me at art school that so many students saw no value in art history, or even going to galleries, your example is a perfect study of what they missed out on. I’ve been reading Twyla Tharp’s book the Creative Habit, and she specific says go and ‘steal’ from the masters – look at what great art of any form has to offer and work from there. Well done you.

  2. I have just found this wonderful blog. As someone who loves art – from contemporary art and back into art history – this is my favourite post of any art blog I’ve read. I love the insight into the head of an artist with your talent. You inspire me.

    • Oh Penny, thank you. I think all artists are a little insecure and lately I’ve felt that art is such a difficult way of life, you’ve just made it easier for me again.Cheers Sue

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