The WHO WHY HOW & WHEN of paintlater

Who: I’m just a painter. Australian, regional, unimportant.
Why: I’m studio-less which means working small, which in turn means more time to waste blogging, generally phoophing around.
How: Mainly oil and not so much with my fingers anymore.
When: Constantly, that’s my problem. Not a day goes by when I say “never again, I’m not painting anymore”


62 thoughts on “The WHO WHY HOW & WHEN of paintlater

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  2. Hi I really enjoyed your blog, and your work is wonderful. Two sections I really like are your books section, and the shots of the studio. As an artists I always enjoy seeing other artists work spaces, and reading habits.

    • Thanks Stephen-my 2 great loves are paint and books. I’m always curious about other artists studios and what they read. I was thinking of a new category on artists spaces so I think you made my mind up. Ta Sue

  3. Hi, thank you so much for checking out my (very) new blog. I will try and post a pic of my studio on your site too! Thank you for the inspiration. Cheers, Angela

  4. Hi Sue,
    I found your work while looking a for a birthday gift for my dad (for a significant number!). I really love the Black Cockatoo watercolour, is there any chance that this is for sale, or any similar ones? I would love to get in touch for some more information,


    • Thanks Katharine, it is such a beautiful poem I re-read it on your blog. I will try and post the work that inspired me to create a piece for the Historic Houses Trust about the women of Meroogal. You seem to be in the same frame of mind as me at times, I was getting ready to blog about poetry, music and art being linked!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to read my recent post, “Picture this: Australia’s green desert” – delighted you liked it! I’m off now to browse your blog… 🙂

  6. Its lovely to see what you are up to – especially a fellow Australian. I didn’t know about the bears on trees!
    Thanks for reading my post on 798. Glad you liked. Blogging is new so the encouragement is wonderful.

    • Hi Sarah, I looked at a photo of your bookshelf and it looked exactly like mine- bizarre- I have the same two art theory stacked like that on the shelf – only difference the Betty Churcher is still beside my bed. Cheers Sue

      • Sorry took a bit to get back to you – WP has been down for me – all fixed and happy now! Those two art theory books are gold for sure. You’ll probably have read ‘The Masterpiece’ by Emile Zola too – but if not – do have a look – its one of my favorites. Enjoy Betty Churcher – lovely drawings. Which reminds me I need to post some too 🙂
        Loved your last post on Tapies – new info for me – thank you.

  7. Hi Sue,

    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. I have found your blog insightful, your artworks inspiring and your quizzes a lot of fun! I hadn’t heard of the Bungendore Bears before – just drop bears as I grew up lol.

    To accept the award you must make a post including the following information:

    Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
    Inform said bloggers about their nominations
    Share 7 random things about yourself
    Thank the blogger who nominated you
    Put the Versatile Blogger Award picture in your post (this can be found on my blog or at


    • Aww Elaine, thank you!. I only just found this comment. I’m glad you like my ramblings especially when they are mainly about me, me, me. I’m not sure that I can get around to completing the tasks, I’m easily distracted. I’ve definitely been a bit lazy in the quiz area lately so I’ll try and get that happening this week. Cheers Sue

  8. Thanks for dropping by my little mish-mash. Really pleased that you liked one my posts … especially because it brought me to your place for a reciprocal visit.

    Pretty certain I’ll be regularly spending some time meandering around here.

  9. ooohhh I have to come back and read your posts! Thank you for liking my post. Did you see the new Hockney big coffee style book out on Hockney? A lot of ipad drawings but now he is doingmultiple videos!

    • No! Too many books not enough time. He is so prolific and I love how he continues to embrace the new. I saw an exhibition of his fax drawings that he was playing with when faxing was new.

    • Oh thanks Drew that’s kind of you.I’m glad you like it, I’ll try and get a blogroll together sometime and try and return the favour. Thanks again Sue

  10. Thanks for reading purelysubjective and thank you also for your kind words. Knowing others in the world that feel it this way is what carries the day for me. And even more so if they can see it through my art. Your work is lovely as well, and quite varied. Thanks for reaching out to say hi!

    • Hi Carla
      I had 3 possums including a baby living in the studio and a lot of my sketches were on the floor, I would arrive there to little footprints in charcoal -never sure what they were. (that is the sketches and the footprints!)Cheers Sue

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by Gallivance to read Those Bodacious Baltic Beasties. We really enjoyed the Art Nouveau animals and are happy that you did too. And we really like your use of “phoophing” – it’s our new favorite word!
    All the Best, Terri and James Vance

  12. Hi Sue. Love your blog. 🙂 I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, for cool and inspiring new blogs. See the recent post on my blog for more about what this means, and Liebster rules, etc. I see from a similar previous post regarding a “Versatile Blogger Award” that you may not be able to complete the chain-mail-like requirements of the Liebster. But do not be dismayed! I understand that you can still accept the “virtual Liebster Award” without fullfilling the personal quiz and other requirements. Just consider it a friendly pat on the back.

    • Hi Chris
      Thank you, that’s really kind. I like the Liebster logo the best and today is Saturday and rainy so looks like a good day to lieb you back. I love your questions too. Cheers Sue.

  13. I like your entertaining blog. It would be a bit easier to reach if you included a link from your gravatar to your posts. If you’re interested, go to Dashboard, click Users, click My Profile. Then, at the foot of the page, in Links, write
    In the adjacent box write a few words (e.g. Step this way, or whatever). Hope this helps.

  14. Love your blog! It is so great to see your studio and sketch books, it is so inspirational watching an artist’s process and ideas. Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Thanks so much. My blog has sort of taken the place of a sketchbook, I love sharing it and its nice to meet other writers and artists and a bit of rush to see those orange stars when someone likes what you do. Ta Sue.

  15. Hi, I hadn’t heard from you for a while. But here I am in hospital with a serious fractured leg, and have to be here for 6-8 weeks. Your email arrived and I was able to connect once more with your bloq. That moment was a ray of sunshine into my life. It has given me something to work towards… days of working in the sunshine and walking through the bush with my paints….I love your site… it has been an uplift for my soul…. keep on…… cheers Bronwyn

    • Hi Bronwyn, thanks so much. I have missed blogging but life was dishing me up too much to eat. I’m back on track now and looking forward to painting again. Take care during your hospital stay. Good time for nutting out what’s next and reading. Cheers Sue.

  16. Thanks Sue, I am getting a lot of writing organised whilst I am here… but look forward to being out in the wind painting again. There are some lovely places near you…take care Bronwyn.

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