Post Christmas Colour

The Xmas PaintingEach Christmas gets curiouser and curiouser. This year was shared with my painter friend, Jane.  Rather than a traditional Christmas, we ate BBQ sausage sandwiches and painted and drank.  Trying to get back into some semblance of order post-Christmas and cleaning up the studio a tad, I decided to show my daughter my Christmas painting (as I had dubbed it).

Declaring to her “This is my Xmas painting.” I realised I had painted it primarily red and green. Maybe the result of too many Xmas mojitos, the heat and lamb and rosemary sausages but I can’t remember the original subject. Jane’s subject was the lake where we had walked the day before and I’m guessing mine had also originated from the same area. I do remember referring to a sketchbook. But the colours certainly aren’t relevant.

WindangI had also lost a day in the midst of a week and fortunately collected my daughter from the airport on the right day (just!). So now I’m getting back into order, righting the chaos and so this painting is now half done, red and green, unwrapped but needs to be finished. I just don’t know what I’m finishing.



The Lake?


Paint in the River

Plein-air painting is not all beer and skittles. Rocks can be cold, ill-placed and tracks not easily negotiable.  This week three of us have broken out the gear and headed inland. The Shoalhaven River once again provides a haven for painting.

We spread ourselves out along the river bank and take in what we can while the light and the conditions are good.


Carla broke out the binoculars looking for birds, Jane threw ink at a scroll using a stick and I perched on a pinkish rock and broke out the sketch book.

Once again the old mill as a base was perfect and of a  night still lives flickered in firelight and pools of mellow red and gentle jazz.

There are times when it all comes together and this week has been magic. The weather, the company, the wine.  With any luck we will all go home with a few more works and know a little more about painting and a lot more about the river.

Pieces of Paintings

More snippets and photos of parts of my paintings in the great Ripping Off the Stretcher Bars escapade.