The Muybridge Drawings

This series of works came about with my interest in Eduard Muybridge -an early photographer.  I had referenced his work when studying figurative drawing.  His book was a series of photographic plates depicting The Human Figure in Motion.   I came upon this book in an old book shop and was quick to snap it up not having any real intentions other than a source of reference.

I was interested in how the figure relates to the shapes in each photo and began by drawing simply in black and white gouache on regular paper.  Whilst looking at the plate in the book, I was thinking how we had progressed in the area of photography and how the average Joe printed their own work.  I decided to use photographic paper as well as regular art papers to  draw on  – an experiment in material but also in reference to my initial subject.

I have continued my way through the book, plate by plate.   Sometimes producing more than one drawing from each individual plate. This is an ongoing series and I feel I am learning about my own practice by looking at the time that it is done.  I don’t expect to complete this series until the end of the book………..