How Much is that Doggie Quiz

So far in the How Much is that Doggie Quiz -Australia has it. No other countries have participated, funny considering I know how much the San Frannites love their poochies. (See my blog about the dog children of San Francisco).

So far we have one top dog with 100%. Well done! You know who you are and I don’t, so congrats and if you want to own up to your score feel free to let me know in the comments. I won’t judge.

If you feel you want to test your knowledge on arty dogs click here to take my quiz.

You can also try the other art quizzes. They are still all open and can find them in my Art Quiz Category. I post the answers later on or if you can’t wait just let me know.


The Dog Children of San Francisco

Brett Whiteley did the great dog pisses of Paris.  I realised sitting atop an open bus full of tourists that I was not seeing what they were.  Their cameras were poised at city highlights, landmarks but the fascination for me was in the amount of dogs, dedicated dog spaces and the accessorising of doggies.  I expected to return from the US full of inspiration and gusto to keep painting.  Instead I did these quick small watercolour studies.  I don’t know if they’re anything more than that -whether I will turn them inot paintings, maybe larger drawings with gouache or maybe just a recollection of that city at that point in time.  They don’t need to have a Golden Gate behind them, or a wharf full of seals in the distance.  I love doggies maybe that’s it.