Cooking with Brushes

If Pollock had to bring-a-plate for lunch what would it be? Maybe a thai salad thrown together but complex in flavour?
Our first day back painting after the holidays was a bring-a-plate session at Anne’s. As usual we all brought something to the table and I realised as painters, we were quite like our dishes – mine-sandwiches, made from the everyday. I’m good at assembling-maybe Rauschenburg. Sue (IR) brought a carrot cake -great blend of texture, considered-maybe Motherwell. Andrea made a pineapple upside down cake -compositionally perfect,classic-maybe a Ben Nicholson. Reiko wowed us with red beans and ice cream, unexpected and exotic- maybe Gorky. Kaye baked a zucchini slice – a combination of skill, sculpture, assemblage in egg- maybe Duchamp. Julia surprised us coming a little late and we could hear the clacking of utensils in the kitchen and then she appeared with warm scones straight from her oven -maybe a Braque the silent achiever. Anne our host had made a gluten-free chocolate cake laced with nuts -it was rich, deep and emotive -definitely a Rothko. I had come too late to know what Sue P had presented and the table was overflowing but there is no doubt that it would have been light, vego and obviously Bonnardish -little jewels of light and colour like her pastels.
Once again our brushes were dry but our table and tummies full and the promise of painting next week.


Sue-pa Doopa Painters & the Vengeful God

The 3 Sue’s came from 3 points of the compass, Sue 1 from the south, Sue 2 from the north and Sue 3 from the west. We gathered at the shore to the east and displayed our tools of worship. We donned our headdresses, gathered rocks.  The art-god replied with howling gusts of salty breath. We feasted on golden fingers of oily potato and plump red melon, spoke in tongues for great length and left in fleeting white chariots back to our 3 corners. Our devotion was rewarded with humble examples of art.

We were reminded that picknick painters should gather in greater numbers, names other than Sue were accepted in the eyes of art-god and we should continue to paint more than eat and talk.