The Painted Puss: An Art Quiz

Jeff KoonsI’m totally a dog person but that’s not to say I dislike cats, I love them too but the people I have lived with in the past were cat-haters. In my art quiz “Musicians like dogs and writers like cats“, it was all about the dogs so this time it’s a cat quiz inspired by Flavorwire.

Why not test your cat-love in this quiz on famous artists and their cats, you can even try the dog quiz. I’ll tally the results in this cat vs dog and let you know the outcome. Just to let you know -I don’t see individual results so don’t be ashamed if you secretly turn out to be a cat-lover while flaunting your pup. Good luck and I’ll post the answers next month. If you can’t wait that long let me know.

Click here to have a go:  The Painted Puss

Musicians Love Dogs & Writers Love Cats

Well that seems to be the inference in this article by Emily Temple that recently linked from one of my blogs about David Hockney. I’m a dog person so I think that means I can’t write (or perhaps shouldn’t).

This week my library pick up was wonderful Dogs in Australian Art by Steven Miller. Does it get any better – art and puppies in one book, and it’s not heavy! But wait it gets better. My favourite artist Noel McKenna has my breed of dog -SNAP! (here’s a work he did based on lost dog posters)

Tim Storrier brought his dog Smudge to share in his glory of the win at the  Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery NSW so I have decided to share the love and do another quiz – I know about time! This time it centres around doggies and artists.

Take a stab: How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Art Quizzes, Thinkers, Feelers or Artists?

So far in the Art Quiz #4 Who painted my BMW?, the Aussies are in the lead with someone taking out 100%!  In my search for other material to start Quiz #5  I stumbled across the mammoth personality art quiz on the BBC website.

Having undergone a number of tests to check your capabilities for differing positions, I thought this one seemed more appropriate to me. Most of us have done the bonding, teamwork exercises and in reality there should always be a different category for artists.  At a job test a while back I was given the scenario of air crash in the snow with 12 things on the list, prioritise….blah blah blah until they said a roll of canvas. I guess the others would have thought of it as shelter. I think more like shoot the others, eat them and paint like Frankenthaler, stains on canvas. It would be better and easier than gaining a residency to the antarctic.  There should be an alternate category for artists. We’re thinkers and feelers but art is always uppermost in our minds.

Dude, Who Painted my Car? Art Quiz 4

My car is white.  I think if I had a choice I might paint it green, lime green. Lately cars have been getting less and less colourful.  This quiz is based on some BMW’s that have been given a coat by some major artists. Ready to give it a spin? Put yourself into gear and put you fingers to the metal. See if you can match the artist to the car.

I would say that BMW may just supply the artist with a car but I’m afraid there are no prizes in this game except for the absolute glory of getting past the winning flag. Give it a try and click here
After the quiz you can click on this link and see how you fared.

The Results are In..Artist or Housewife.

Well you all did pretty good on this one- ARTIST OR HOUSEWIFE QUIZ quite a few topping the 100%. USA & Australia topping the polls. I didn’t get anyone that took the chance to name the artists or housewives so no bonus points. I’m sure Martha Stewart would rather have been called an artist but she was indeed one of the housewives.


And those of you who picked my daughter as a housewife -you know who you are!- deduct 50% off your score.

If you still want to take a punt don’t read any further, NO PEEKING. Click on the link. If you want to take a stab at who they are make a comment. Remember it’s anonymous if you want.**** SPOILER ALERT READ NO FURTHER****



ARTIST : Margaret Olley


HOUSEWIFE: Margaret Fulton (Chef/Cook)


ARTIST: My beautiful daughter (Graphic Artist/Zinester)


HOUSEWIFE: Martha Stewart


ARTIST: Alice Neel (Painter)


ARTIST: Helen Frankenthaler (innovating painter, RIP)

Artist or Housewife…my art quiz #3

I recently read a blog from a painter that stated all she wanted was to be a housewife and an artist.  I have in the past painted with a broom and used cauliflower for monoprinting in the midst of preparing dinner. I am certainly not a housewife but I really feel that the two don’t mix that easily. It has however inspired me to create my 3rd art quiz. ARTIST OR HOUSEWIFE? Have a crack and let me know what you think. The image above is from Australian Artist Davida Allen. I read her book The Autobiography of Vicki Meyers over 10 years ago and it has stayed with me. I felt this was a great image that would suit this quiz Teatime

Pick-a-Painter Quiz Results, yes you are clever…

Well, well,well…not bad. Here are the results of my last art quiz. I know it was a bit tricky and you all did very well but no 100% – the highest score was a few at 60%.  If you haven’t taken the quiz, there’s still time and you can give it another shot if you want. Here are the answers .ALERT SPOILER. Don’t read any further if you want to take the quiz. Just go to the Art Quiz Category. No peeking….




  1. Giacometti
  2. Velasquez
  3. Pollock
  4. Hepworth
  5. Picasso
  6. Hoffman
  7. Rauschenberg
  8. Bacon
  9. Bonnard
  10. Rauschenberg

So how did you go? If you picked me for the answer to Q 10 instead of Rauschenberg give yourself bonus points  for being so complimentary.THANKS – Looking forward to the next quiz, so far the Aussies are in front.