The Asia Pacific Triennial 7 Art Jaunt

Writing Room- Parastou Forouhar
Brisbane is in the midst of floods but last weekend when I went for the Asia Pacific Triennial #7 the weather was hot, sunny and welcoming. It was my first APT and first visit to QGOMA. It was wonderful. The new gallery is open, spacious and light and the exhibition flowed beautifully from room to room.

Papuan New Guinea

Timothy Cook room


I can’t say that there was one work that prevailed, each time I think of a room there is a work that stood out.  I agreed with John MacDonald’s review and he is much more eloquent than I so feel free to click on his for a run down.

There was one work that appealed to me on all levels and from the crowds, I think it was also a huge crowd-pleaser and that was the work of Raquib Shaw, both horrific and exquisite and photography of the work just does not cut it.

Of course the contemporary work from Papua New Guinea is unbelievably impressive and I am sorry I missed the opening to catch the dancers, some of which I had seen at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

Another work that left a lasting impression was a video installation Disappearing Landscape-Passing II 2011 by Yuan Goang-Ming a Taiwanese artist. It was mesmerizing and haunting and I can’t remember that last time I was transfixed by video art.

All in all it was a marvellous jaunt north and I was impressed with Brisbane’s Cultural precinct by the river. I hope they are all safe as I write this and the river rises.

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