Little Painted Thick Knees

Thick Knees Brampton Island Qld Australia

Long narrow canvases have always appealed to me but are quite difficult to make a painting work. I’m re-arranging my paintings in the house. I came across this one that I had completed after a holiday to Brampton Island quite a while back. It was a happy time with friends and the colours on this rainy weekend reminded me of the warmth of tropical waters.

The thick knee was a perfect sketch for this shape canvas.

The thick knees are a type of curlew. This strange bird cries like a baby in the night and stops dead in it’s track if your come across it and shuts it’s big droopy eyes. A sketchers delight – a bit like the lemur.



Also associated with death by the Aboriginal people.

There are other types of curlew and I came across another in the Desert Park in Alice Springs. I was sitting on an old log sketching one and it gradually came closer and closer. I had hiking boots and I don’t know whether it thought my laces looked like worms but started to pick at them.

Being a drawer has it’s perks you become extremely quiet and spend time studying the subject which makes for some great encounters (of the non-human kind). On the other hand – you could lose your shoelaces