Moonraking, sheep shearing & cicadas

The Picknick Painters met for the last time this year at Moonraker farm where Kaye and Andrea are pressed against the hillside by the force of the cicada’s summer symphony. The old bring-a-plate worked a treat and resulted in lashings of desserts. We exposed our works for the year -fluorescent Barbies, cocked-up cuckoo clocks, expressive portraits and  delicate landscapes.  As usual my work was portable whilst others shuffled easels and unloaded canvases between downpours.

Our Xmas treat was a peak at Andrea’s new studio -we donned raingear, navigated the muddy path through the bush and sidled past the chook shed. Cleverly made from the demolished original farmhouse, the Gascoigne walls were a work in themselves. A raised performance area promised future inspiration and Andrea told us the story of the first “show” -the shearing of sheep to avoid any nasty accidents with electric shears. An appropriation of Tom Roberts?

Our studios are as different as each other.  Mine is sheepless but my current work is sheepish.