Parma, Paints and Plum Tarts

It’s been ages since I went painting with the Picknickers and despite being an hour late nothing was going to stop me today. Painting at Parma Farm at Julia’s was a great treat. Julia had helped me years ago with a great tip about the wonders of a shot of brandy, today it was the plum tart.

Julia poured tea and and as we ate around the kitchen table she talked about her first years in the home with a wood stove, children and damp wood. Today the fire was roaring when we came in with our works. Outside a grandchild who hadn’t made it to school sat outside under the giant jacarandas drawing fields and cows and trucks with Julia’s art stuff. She talked about her artistic children, talented grandchildren and it kind of reminded me of Boyd and his generations of creativeness. She said it was a wonderful home to raise a family. I have no doubt during that time more than a few shots of brandy would have been taken by that fire of a night.

Anne under the Jacaranda

Anne took on a huge piece of paper and pencils, Kaye persisted with her paring of shapes and compositions, Andrea took on the interior by the fire and caught glimpses of outside through huge timber windows. We talked about the old faithfuls, Bonnard, Matisse etc who used this view so many times.