A Big Mixed Bag of Lollies

Anish Kapoor Memory

Anish Kapoor Memory

Multiple exhibitions in one venue can sometimes be a mixed bag of lollies.  There’s usually the big musk stick that pops out the top of the bag and draws you in and then there are the ones  at the bottom, the three for 5 cent  jubey things.  My trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney was like that.


Anish Kapoor proved musk stick-like to be as good as it looked. Something sweet and distinct at every bite, leaving a unique taste in your mouth.  The promise of more sweets inside was the huge mirror dish reflecting Sydney Harbour on a perfectly blue hundreds-and-thousands sparkly day.  Having been impressed by his work for a long time I was hoping for the best and I got better. As usual looking at the works on line, in books, on DVDs doesn’t cut the musk stick.photo-10

At the same time the other exhibition South of No North jubes proved to be strawberries and cream. Delicious with no fan-fare, three for one. The exhibition was based on works by Noel McKenna, Wiliam Eggleston and Laurence Aberhart. Noel McKenna’s work has always made me smile. From his doggie poster series to big things. This was a wonderful exhibition and although it is hard to compare the  monumental work of Anish Kapoor, there was a similarity in the complete paring down of subject and the strength in simplicity. I especially loved these small tiles of simply drawn ordinary objects and one of the best known useful products ever deserving to be lauded in glazed ceramic : liquid nails.  It was also wonderful to see his influences in Aberhart and Eggleston.

photo-8So my little bag of MCA mixed lollies proved to be quite sweet . It wasn’t too sickly and way too tempting to refuse.photo-6photo-9

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How Much is that Doggie


Queen Guinevere of the Whippy Van

Yesterday was another gallery jaunt. We were in the city so decided to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art. We parked at the top and wound our way down through the Rocks, the old part of the city.  I love the cut-ins, the stairs, the little cafes tucked in the back where you descend upon them.

These wonderful vermillion doors opening to blue sky. I love vermillion – the most intense orange. At the bottom a wonderful vivid red door surrounded in ivy.

The old peppercorn tree, green twisted and huge reminding me of my doggy Tim buried under the one in my old home.

And in the cutaway, a glimpse through the tunnel-like cave to light. At the bottom was the ice-cream truck or Mr Whippy as we call him. It reminded me of Greensleeves -the ding ding dingty ding theme played by the old ice-cream trucks. I loved this tune, not because of the drippy choc sundaes and nuts but because my first barbie doll. Her name was Queen Guinevere- I don’t know if I named her or if she came that way dressed in lush purple velvet and gold.

A day of coloured memories – vermillion and reds, pinks and soft greens and lush purples.