Cannibal Eaters and Helicopters

Thursdays painting trip with the Picknick Painters was doomed from the start. It was overcast, I was late and I had decided to take Bella the dog.  We had decided to meet at Black Beach Kiama – never  good location, it’s always windy. No-one was there, I got Bella out and wandered past the fish shop. The wind had whipped the water into an angry grey and then a dull thud,thud,thud and a helicopter appeared. It came in closer and closer until it dropped down next to me in the car park. The water was even angrier than the dog and the sound was deafening but I ran for the car…..not to take shelter but to grab a sketch. I had done the same when a navy ‘copter had landed on Pulpit Rock doing manoeuvres.  By the time I got a quick shape in and a note on colour, it lifted unsteadily and took to the south s quickly I could only hear it in the distance and it was lost.  I went over to where it had been there was nothing to suggest it had been there – just a small white post with “All police are canibal eaters”.

Maybe the navy had heard about the police in the area eating cannibals and were sent in to help. I went home wet but I did a sketch, just in case I have to submit evidence at a later date.