High-Viz Landscapes


Seven Mile Beach is spectacular when you round that bend and catch that first glimpse. I always feel a sense of inadequacy when I realise I will be painting the landscape. Will I do it justice? What will I do? How can I share the passion of what I see? I sort of had a general sense of something coming. I had experimented last week with fluro bases. I wanted to take this further, see what happened to colour. I returned to my nest of banksia babies, still untouched, set up the gear and got down to the business. The beautiful subtle greys and umberish colours over the fluro seemed a travesty but for me it was the discovery of colour and edges. The gradual intrusion of fluros is everywhere -signs, vests, cyclists. It needs to be dealt with – the same way Corot dealt with industry in landscape, it’s there and rather than ignore it, work with it. Sue had brought pikelets, just warm with jam. Maybe my colour solution is as simple as pikelets -use everyday ingredients to come up with a treat -colour.


A Bolt of the Blues





Yesterday was a day that I was glad I was a painter. The weather was perfect, the location beautiful. Rockpools and smiles glistened.  The blue of the sea pool was blindingly bright. Morning tea was ripe red juicy strawberries and lunch fish and chips surrounded by anxious seagulls. The four of us spread out  – Kaye arranging lurid pink barbies like swimsuit models, Sue melting and melding her oily canvases, Andrea delicately observing the first swimmers of the season. I was mesmerised by a semi-submerged drainage pipe, brilliant blue and rusting in a pool surrounded by velvety black periwinkles.  Kaye braved an icy swim. It was a holiday in a day.