The Logistics of Bigness

23032010 001I have been in a state of continual poor, poor, pitiful me. No studio. No room. No paint.  Over the past few weeks I have been trying to organise my artself- what’s sold, what’s stored, what’s donated, given away, torn up and lost. It feels never-ending. I’m up to entry 72 and it is one huge drawing – 1.5 m x 2.950 m.  I loved doing this drawing – the setting up. I had a studio then, but it still meant getting an old door across a trestle, rolling out the paper to the length of the door surface. I can’t remember when I last saw it – it must be rolled up in the garage somewhere. It was part of the Roadside Series and looking back one I feel I can come back to.  Each time I drive I see something that could be translated by a piece of dusky charcoal and a fence-painting brush full of gouache.

271209 045

Reading sculptor Anne Truitt’s Daybook has resonated with me over the last week. She found herself in the same pitiful spiral of no room. A sculptor must feel this restriction of space so much more, however she decided rather than cry over space deprivation she would use what space she had- the kitchen table- to draw.  I think this is an admiral decision, and good advice to follow – I’ve been doing small kitchen-appropriate drawings and paintings but really they don’t cut the mustard for me.

Here’s a look at a few shots – process and finished works.

Studio Roadside


Astounding Results for my First Art Quiz

The results are in! Check out the answers for How About an Art Quiz. There is also still time for the second quiz Who Painted This for all those who haven’t tried their luck. It’s multiple choice give it a shot!

How about a Quiz

Do you think you know the difference between a sculptor and a writer?, between Claes Oldenburg and Atilla the Hun?

To mark the end of a favourite show Spicks and Specks where they played Musician or Serial Killer, I’ve trolled through some books and came up with a quiz.

For those that took the Quiz last week here are the answers…….Top scorer 83% -don’t know who you are it’s completely anonymous but I don’t give prizes anyway but if you feel like telling me you were the one – feel free.

If you are reading this for the first time and want to have a crack at the quiz -##spoiler alert## Don’t read any further -here are the answers.


Thankfully everybody got this one right! This is George Bernard Shaw not a politician. Did that honest face give it away? Everyone picked De Kooning on the bike in a beanie too.  So here are the results for those who have been waiting.

  • 1. Artist : De Kooning
  • 2. Politician Malcolm Fraser – former Aussie Prime Minister
  • 3. Artist : Pollock
  • 4. Writer: George Bernard Shaw
  • 5. Artist : Josef Albers
  • 6. Sculptor: Henry Moore