We Are All the Flocking Same



Killalea Headland sketch

My sketch Killalea headland




Killalea pan


The Farm was a familiar term growing up with a surfer brother. When we arrived at our painting site today there were two guys, greying, with boards on their racks checking out the surf. They never lose their love of surfing -any conditions, any age. Today was the first time I saw The Farm up close. I hadn’t realised that Killalea State Park held this sacred surf spot on the coast.

I love that trot that surfers break into – board clenched under their arm, leg-rope dangling, hair dripping, their sleek wet-suit uniform dense against the green. They canter, the cold from their wrinkled wet feet protection against the gravel.

We cooked sausages and onions on a wood bbq at lunch time- it felt like summer today. There were so many different flocks and types of birds -black cockatoos against the blue blue blue sky. I painted with gouache on paper with memories of my brother Michael. I wondered if any of those greying surfers were Little Mick, or Tightarse, or Brooksy – all those older surfers who I use to lust after as a teenager, who called me Grub.

As a final note when we left later a parade of older vintage cars rolled along the road where the surfer had run back to his car earlier. The vintage Jag and MG had no roof racks for boards, no dusty wagons for paints and easels but glistening rims and chromish mirrors.

We’re all different flocks

This was a re-post of an earlier blog, after a recent sketch trip back to The Farm.


People by the Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Dogs 20151Each year Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi Beach gets a little more crowded. The works hold different people for different reasons. A couple of years back there seemed to be an abundance of animal themed works, another year environmental, lots of big red things, and this year had a distinct people focus. After reviewing an abundance of photos from two trips this year,  more shots for my dogs of Bondi collection and various hit and miss snaps, the ones I really like are the people interacting with the works and even better the people oblivious to the monumental pieces around them.


P1050217The walk from Tamarama to Bondi is spectacular, a backdrop of sea and rock. This year two pods of dolphins were launching themselves into the air and spinning on show whilst the crowd moved around the edge. I took a lot of sculptureless shots this year once again.

Here’s a clip of this years winner, Jorg Pickat.


Stroll 2015P1050283SurfersP1050329




Please Don’t Touch!

Trying to choose the right image to go with this post was difficult.  Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi is an amazing spectacle -the coastline is phenomenal and the sculpture mostly amazing but I think this sums it up.  Gary Deirmendjian’s “do not….”. Each year the little black signs sit in front of colossal works quietly asking  the impossible.  How can you not touch a piece of pink fleshy angaston marble and feel the cool underside on a stinking hot day?  How can children not be drawn into  Chen Wenling’s lap of his grinning brilliant red giant?  Some just didn’t care, in fact “Surf in Fantasia” by Akiho Tata, three large granite pieces just meant that an old surfer could flake out didn’t feel like he was the only object on view.  

Probably the best by far didn’t need to be touched to connect with people.  There was a queue to take a snap with Jane Gillings “Provenance” a giant gilt frame filled with passers-by.   As I said it’s hard to choose but I love the shot of this giant nail firmly wedged in the rocks and vivid against the blue. In the distance a fisherman oblivious of what’s around him.

We Are All the Flocking Same

            The Farm was a familiar term growing up with a surfer brother. When we arrived at our painting site today there were two guys, greying, with boards on their racks checking out the surf. … Continue reading