Juggling Jellyblubbers


One painting leads to another, and another, and another. Velasquez started it, John Olsen changed it, and I melded it into a slippery oozy painterly mess.  Somehow the egg and the jellyfish became a transluscent clue into my painting re-birth.  Jellyfish have emerged in my drawings of the past, they are at the end of the jetty, gliding just below the surface – transparent water, transparent flesh, ungrabbable.

An old sketch- they were there in the past.

An old sketch- they were there in the past.





Velasquez and I Cook Eggs

IMG_3214Inspiration comes in packages of all shapes, sizes and compositions.  Recently I was gobsmacked by Velasquez Old Woman Cooking Eggs. There was a dynamism in the figures and objects and how they related to each other both in colour and shape.  As a result a new series of small works in gouache provided impetus for bigger and better things.  The serendipity of reading John Olsen’s biography whilst working on the series, also laid another level.

The egg, a symbol of hope and regeneration that he saw in Velasquez, carried into his work and as a result into mine. I could see a jelly-fish-like symbol in the slithery par-cooked egg whites that could transfer into compositions for my boatshed works.


Velasquez: Old Woman Cooking Eggs.

Velasquez: Old Woman Cooking Eggs.

IMG_3201IMG_3213 IMG_3210

Pick-a-Painter Quiz Results, yes you are clever…

Well, well,well…not bad. Here are the results of my last art quiz. I know it was a bit tricky and you all did very well but no 100% – the highest score was a few at 60%.  If you haven’t taken the quiz, there’s still time and you can give it another shot if you want. Here are the answers .ALERT SPOILER. Don’t read any further if you want to take the quiz. Just go to the Art Quiz Category. No peeking….




  1. Giacometti
  2. Velasquez
  3. Pollock
  4. Hepworth
  5. Picasso
  6. Hoffman
  7. Rauschenberg
  8. Bacon
  9. Bonnard
  10. Rauschenberg

So how did you go? If you picked me for the answer to Q 10 instead of Rauschenberg give yourself bonus points  for being so complimentary.THANKS – Looking forward to the next quiz, so far the Aussies are in front.