Another Art Quiz

Boonerah Gouache

This is one of my paintings, not a gelato accident.

My kid could that!  What a mess! Who gave the monkey a brush? I don’t know what it is but I like it!

All comments abstract artists hear. Here’s a quiz to test your art gut.

Is That Abstract Art, Or Did Someone Spill Food?

If you like this one, maybe you can try some of these art quizzes I made up. Or have a look under Art Quiz Category. No judgement- all attempts are anonymous. Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Another Art Quiz

  1. Hi Sue. I missed your blog when you stopped for a while, but the whole blogging thing gets a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? As usual, I am a looker, not a reader. I have loved some of your recent work! Would like to say that your quizzes are way better than this one. It was a bit monotonous. Still fun. But not as good as yours. Katherine or Kate (not sure where I was at, in the change over to the shorter version. I switched to Kate to save myself five taps!!😊)

    • Hi Kate, we’re old veteran bloggers I think. I find it hard time wise at the moment but still hanging in there. I have a backlog of blogs lined up in my head.

      • Me too! So many ideas.

        Yes, bloggers come and go. I guess the realities of keeping one’s head above water can put the luxury of a blog on the back burner quite often.

        Even if sporadic, it is lovely to catch up with your work, Sue.

  2. The thing is, whether they are food or a piece of art you have made your own composition from that, so you are in fact composing an abstract art piece from a small area of the spiller food! That then becomes art I think.

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